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We offer safe, effective alternative treatment solutions to sleep breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and TMJ disorders for both children and adults.  If you can’t tolerate a CPAP machine and don’t want a lifetime of wearing a mask while you sleep or if you don’t want to undergo surgeries such as tonsil and adenoid removal, neurostimulation implant devices or other invasive surgeries, we have your solution!  

Treatment Services

We offer non-invasive treatment options that address the root cause of the problem and have years of positive patient outcomes and published clinical research that prove that there’s a successful “curative” option to better sleep and breathing. 

With proper nasal breathing and restorative sleep being the cornerstones to optimal health and wellness, from the day you take your first breath until your last, we are here to help you! 

Diagnostic Services

FDA awards first-ever 510(k) clearance to treat severe OSA with unique oral medical devices

Nationally renowned medical sleep specialist, author and lecturer, Dr. David McCarty, MD, elaborated on the impact of this landmark decision,  as the medical profession has gained a better understanding of the complex factors contributing to OSA, we now recognize that a critical component to this condition is the form and functionality of the oral vault. This is where medical collaboration with an airway-centered dentistry approach like Vivos offers is a game-changer. This decision by the FDA could be life changing for patients who suffer from severe OSA and for whom other treatments have failed.”

Dr. Tara Griffin, Clinical Advisor with Vivos Therapeutics

Has over 14 years of experience using oral medical devices/ oral appliances that can resolve sleep breathing disorders for adults.
We offer the first clinically effective, noninvasive, nonsurgical, non-pharmaceutical and cost-effective treatment solutions for patients with mild to severe OSA.

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Treatment Services Therapies

Diagnostic Services

Home Sleep Testing to diagnose Sleep breathing disorders FDA approved for children 3 years old and up as well as adults.
CT-scan of head and neck for Airway and TMJ analysis.
Rhinomanometry-Measures pressure and airflow through the nose during breathing. 

Oral Medical Devices / Oral Appliances

Kids- Early Intervention– “Airway Orthodontic Devices”

Vivos devices– guided growth mouthpieces and palatial expanders. 
Management Devices Custom made devices to reposition your jaw forward while you sleep at night. 

Laser Therapies

Quietnite – noninvasive CO2 laser therapy that stimulates collagen growth in the back of the airway to reduce snoring and sleep apnea. 
 NdYag laser– bio stimulation of TMJ hard and soft tissue to help manage and resolved TMJ pain and dysfunction.

Nano Herbs Light

Acupuncture without Needles! Noninvasive light therapy that can re-balance the cell’s DNA structure and the Acupuncture Meridian.  NHL can be used to treat many physical conditions including but not limited to better breathing, sleep apnea and pain associated with TMJ dysfunction.

Nasal Release Technique / Neruocranial Release

A noninvasive treatment option for snoring and sleep apnea to improve nasal breathing and sinus drainage in the nose.  

Oral Myofunctional Therapy

We work with certified therapist that share exercises for proper tongue placement and function to improve nasal breathing and reduce sleep apnea in children and adults. 

Ozone Therapy

Harnessing the power of ozone gas for improved breathing, tinnitus, TMJ pain, and more.



Tailored to enhance sleep quality and reduce inflammation, with the option of using IV Lounge products.

Discover Better Sleep Through Improved Breathing!

We collaborate closely with our team of medical practitioners from Plumonologist, Sleep Specialist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, ENT’s, Primary Care Practitioners, Pediatricians, Dentists, Chiropractors and many more throughout Central Florida, to ensure the best treatment approach and outcome for our patients.

What our patients are saying

Embark on a journey of sleep transformation with the Sleep Solution Center, where our multidisciplinary healthcare teams are dedicated to revolutionizing lives through innovative approaches tailored to your unique sleep needs.

“The AI report is something that I have never seen anywhere, and it provides such a wealth of information that it’s just really incredible.”

Dr. Joel Nathanson

“It definitely changed my life. And It was totally worth it.”


“It definitely changed my life. And It was totally worth it.”


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