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Unlock Better Sleep with Oral Medical Devices at Sleep Solution Centers

At Sleep Solution Centers, we recognize the pivotal role that oral health plays in achieving restful nights and overall well-being. Our Oral Medical Devices cater to both children and adults, offering targeted solutions for a variety of sleep-related concerns.

Kids - Early Intervention with "Airway Orthodontic Devices"

Kids - Early Intervention with "Airway Orthodontic Devices"

Experience the innovation of early intervention with our Airway Orthodontic Devices designed specifically for children. We proudly feature Vivos devices, including guided growth mouthpieces and palatal expanders. Stay tuned for captivating photos and compelling video testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of these devices in promoting proper airway development and ensuring a healthy sleep foundation for your little ones.

Adults - Tailored Solutions for Quality Sleep

Adults - Tailored Solutions for Quality Sleep

1. Management Devices- Custom made devices to reposition your jaw forward while you sleep at night. Devices to follow.
2. Rehabilitation Devices for Sleep Apnea and TMJ disorders- Vivos CARE devices. Addressing the root cause of Airway and TMJ disorders combining jaw repositioning and jaw expansion in a custom made device.

Why Choose Oral Appliance Therapy at Sleep Solution Centers?

  1. Individualized Treatment: Our approach is personalized to each patient, ensuring that the therapy aligns with your unique needs and health goals.
  2. Comprehensive Care for All Ages: From children experiencing growth-related sleep breathing issues to adults suffering a lifetime with obstructive sleep apnea, our therapy spans from your first breath to your last.
  3. Advanced Technologies: Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as DNA and mRNA applications, we stay at the forefront of oral appliance therapy.
  4. Root Cause Approach: We go beyond symptom management, focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of sleep-related and neuromuscular issues.
  5. Expert Guidance: Led by Dr. Tara Griffin, a Clinical Advisor with Vivos Therapeutics and over 14 years of experience treating the root cause of sleep disordered breathing,

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