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At Sleep Solution Centers, we understand the challenges your patients may face when it comes to tolerating CPAP therapy. Our commitment to providing effective solutions for snoring and sleep apnea aligns with the highest standards set by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). Here's what you can expect when referring your patients to our office:

  1. Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines: We strictly adhere to AASM and AADSM Clinical Practice Guidelines, as well as the guidelines established by the Florida Medical Board.

  2. Recognition of CPAP as the Gold Standard: While we have seen great results with Oral Appliances, we recognize that CPAP remains the gold standard in treating Sleep Apnea.

  3. Referral Requirements: We always require a referral, prescription, Letter of Medical Necessity (LOMN), and a diagnosis from your patient's sleep doctor or primary care doctor.

  4. Transparent Communication: We provide regular follow-up letters to keep you informed about your patient's treatment progress.

  5. Patient Education: We inform patients that Oral Appliance Therapy may not be suitable for everyone based on our clinical findings. We educate them on adjunct treatment options, including bed wedges, nasal cones/strips, sleep masks, diet/weight loss, and proper sleep hygiene.

  6. Post-Appliance Calibration Testing: Following the final calibration of the oral appliance, patients are referred back to their physician for an overnight sleep test with the oral appliance in place to ensure satisfactory therapeutic benefit.

  7. Follow-Up Protocol: We implement a follow-up protocol with patients at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and then annually after the initial oral appliance delivery.

  8. Commitment to Continuing Education: We are dedicated to staying informed about the latest developments in sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy, and relevant research papers.

  9. High-Quality Appliances: We use the highest quality oral appliances and provide various options tailored to your patient's needs based on clinical findings.

  10. Insurance Coverage: We are participating providers with the VA through the Community Care Network and work with and directly bill all major medical insurance plans.  Both insured and uninsured patients will receive a financial disclosure before beginning treatment.  Flexible monthly payment options are available to patients when needed.

  11. Our Doctor's Expertise: Our Doctors have advanced training in oral medical devices for treating sleep apnea and snoring.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with physicians and their teams to educate them on Oral Appliance Therapy and how Sleep Solution Centers can be a valuable resource for their patients. 

If you believe our services would benefit your office, please call 407-502-0110 to schedule a lunch and learn. When referring a patient to our offices, kindly provide a copy of the patient's Diagnostic Sleep Study and a prescription.

We appreciate your trust in Sleep Solution Centers as we work together to improve the quality of sleep and overall well-being of your patients.

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