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Our Purpose:

To Provide Excellent Patient-Centered Sleep Care for All Patients

Welcome to Sleep Solution Centers, where innovative dentistry meets cutting-edge sleep medicine to revolutionize your health and wellness. Dr. Tara Griffin, DMD, ABDSM, D. ASBA, leads our team with a passion for polishing individuals to shine their best, leaving a lasting legacy of transformed healthcare worldwide.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic services include:

Home Sleep Testing

Convenient and effective monitoring in the comfort of your home.

CBCT Scans

Cutting-edge imaging for detailed assessments.


Precise measurements for targeted treatments.

Our Vision

Our Excellent Care is Our Specialty

At Sleep Solution Centers, our vision is to educate and treat people with oral medical devices and adjunctive therapies that increase compliance and therefor outcomes for Obstructive Sleep Apnea improving overall health and quality of life through better sleep and breathing.

Our Professionals

Meet With Our Experienced Doctors

Dr. Tara M. Griffin

  • Bachelor’s Degree University of Alabama 1998
  • Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine 2006
  • Diplomate American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine 2011
  • Diplomate American Sleep and Breathing Academy 2015
  • Private Practice treating OSA/TMD 2010 – Present
  • Sleep Solution Centers 2023 Co-founder

Dr. Rupal Thakkar

  • Bachelor’s Degree Syracuse University 1991
  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine 1995
  • Private Practice Boston 1995-2006
  • Tufts Dental Sleep Residency 2012
  • Private Practice Windermere treating OSA/TMD 2010 Present
  • Sleep Solution Centers 2023 Co-founder

Core Values

We have Integrity, We are Community Minded, We are Educators, We are Relationship Builders, We are Team Players, We Celebrate Wins.

Treatment Services/Therapies

Explore a range of advanced treatment services and therapies:

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses advanced Diagnostic Services, including FDA-approved Home Sleep Testing for children (3+ years) and adults, a CT-scan of Head and Neck for thorough Airway and TMJ analysis, and Rhinomanometry measuring nasal pressure and airflow.

In the realm of Oral Medical Devices, we offer "Airway Orthodontic Devices" for kids, featuring Vivos devices for guided growth, and for adults, a suite of Management Devices custom-made for jaw repositioning during sleep, along with Rehabilitation Devices (Vivos CARE) addressing underlying causes.

Laser Therapy options include Quietnite for CO2 laser therapy targeting snoring and sleep apnea, and NdYag Laser for managing TMJ pain. Additionally, we provide Oral Myofunctional Therapy exercises conducted by certified therapists to enhance nasal breathing and reduce sleep apnea. Our services extend to the noninvasive Nasal Release Technique for snoring and sleep apnea, custom-made Under Armour Athletic Mouthpieces for athletes, and Nano Herbs Light (NHL), a noninvasive light therapy addressing better breathing, sleep apnea, and TMJ-related pain.

Opening Hours

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